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something that is very wrong slightly more right. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night. good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. leading off tonight, keeping bad >> the iraqi people now have
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responsibility for the security of their country. >> what now? what happens when they make a run for power? do we send our troops back in? two years ago, and john mccain was attacked for having pastor two years ago john mccain was attacked for having a pastor who became notorious for his vicious assaults on the catholic church endorse him for president. well, this saturday glenn beck outdid mccain by endorsing john hagee. there he was at the foot of the lincoln memorial, arm in arm with beck's other proud associates taking the cheers from the crowd. john hagee who called the catholic church the great whore of revelation. is this the love and religious unity to which beck appeared to personally give witness, or is it more of the old native attitude that derides any religious or ethnic difference? let's talk about who truly stands in the glenn beck corral. plus, seven and a half years ago
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the war in iraq began with shock awe and an evolving set of justifications by those who wii there will be more trouble in iraq. president obama will be president. how does he get in trouble without taking our troops back in? >> that is a big question left unanswered by the speech. it was underscore and made more difficult by the strong rationality he gave for the war if that is just supposed to be ended. the president made it sound almost like a war was worth fighting.
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he said among other things, we defeated a regime that terrorized its people. we hoped iraqi seize the chance for a better future. iraq has the opportunity to erase a destiny. not only was he declaring the end of it, that, he hopes, but he was laying the predicate for why we were there in the first place and for making it more difficult for themselves to avoid more combat in the future. these were the goals we achieved. >> i heard the same thing. you think he feels he has a progressive direction at home? >> i think he is in between. as a matter of fact, i do not think there was any advice. that speech was not necessary. there would not be speculation over what happened if something
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broke out in iraq. none of that would be relevant at all if he had never made the speech. we would be out of iraq and we are out of iraq. with only a few troops left in. they are there not to fight any kind of war. if he had just stayed with that silence, he would be better off. now he has put himself in a position where you are asking the questions. what happens if they start to do things? if suddenly some people who are identified terrorists show up and start killing people? will become back in? i do not think so. even though he has got all these people, i do not think he will go back in because the one thing
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he said that rings true, this country would be better off if that trillion dollars be spent over there had gone for the purposes. >> money that could have been spent elsewhere that went to iraq, let's listen. >> ending this war is not only -- the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the future of their own. we spent our young men and women to make sacrifices in iraq. we spent resources abroad in a time when we needed them at home. we persevered. a belief that out of the ashes of war a new beginning could be born in this cradle of civilization. through this remarkable chapter in the history of the united
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states and iraq, we have met our responsibilities. now it is time to turn the page. >> he talked like a centrist democrat, clinton democrat like it was one of his sophist sponsors. now we can use them home. will he have to deliver the peace dividend? we are still broke and in deficits of almost a trillion and a half. how can he make the case we have new resources to apply at home? >> he can't. i thought the speech, but more i look at it and read at, the more confused i am. here he is running against george bush in the midterm elections on the economy. every chance he has he brings up the fact that george bush screwed up the economic policy of the country and put us in the ditch that we are in.
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he is praising george bush here for the mission that sort of said be accomplished. what makes this interesting to me is why is he doing this? he is doing this out of respect for the troops. you have to do that. the sacrifices that were made in the war that is being ground found must be supported retroactively. that is the body language of it. he is also making the same nation-building case in afghanistan. he sort of claim because that is what we are about in afghanistan. as far as the peaceful end, it is already been spent. it has been spent, and he has asked for more money and will ask for more more money in afghanistan. >> is he leading right on foreign policy?
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>> he is open toward the right. he only used the word search, as i recall, when he discussed afghanistan. he never referenced it in my memory, and george bush's surge of activity. he has asked the people, the gates in practice that with the architects of the search and is using it in afghanistan. if he is not careful, we will be brought down in afghanistan like bush was brought down in iraq. this may cause this country to reject his leadership. >> here he is talking about george w. bush. he is very soft. she really did not think it was the right thing to be, so supportive of a man who ran against when he was in 2008 because he was challenging its
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policies. here is president obama talking about george w. bush. let's listen. >> this afternoon i spoke to former president, george w. bush. it is well known that he and i disagreed on the war. no one can doubt president bush's support for our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. as i have said, no patriots who supported this war were patriots or support it. all of us are united in appreciation for our service men and women. our hopes for a rockies. >> that is one of the most interesting comments. operation iraqi freedom is over. i thought that was superb. especially in that regard. and he says patriots opposed, i would say that some were not patriotic but ideological to a fault. he was so kind, basically saying
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we are patriots as well, like we know you are and are as well. what an amazing confession to save the people that are hawkish by by definition patriotic in the people who are dovish have to wait. >> it is a product of a few things. i think the president wants to continue his republican support for what he is doing in afghanistan. at least until he begins with troops there next summer. my sense of this is that he was saying nice things in retrospect about iraq and emphasizing and giving the people of iraq a chance for a new destiny because that is the argument he is still making in afghanistan. >> why? does he believe it? >> well, he ran on it in the 2010 campaign. he be telling clinton by saying,
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you are supporting the wrong war and i am with the right war. he has followed the campaign rhetoric with emphasis on afghanistan and on all tied up. he is backed into a corner and the president has a 43% approval rating and about to be hammered in the congressional elections. he is a guy that is looking for some kind of political absolution, if you will, in terms of his policy. the irony is that he is being attacked on domestic policy and have not turned their fire on foreign affairs yet. wait until they decide to do that. >> he may get hammered after results on tuesday night. let me go to the mayor here. you and howard and i do remember this back in the 1960s, i will not fight laws. we will have a geneva convention
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and get it over with. i will start for south vietnam. it seems like barack obama have done the same thing. he will not fight over iraq but will fight over afghanistan even though i do not believe in that one more than the first one. you were afraid to admit it. >> keep in mind if barack obama had his way, he would have said no on the war on iraq and afghanistan. he did not want to be a kila stone, literally. he did not want to be there but had to say something and do something that would let people know that he can be tough and will stand up to terrorists. no matter who defines who is in fact a terrorist. that is why he has kept everybody and has done all the things he has done.
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not one person on the liberal side of the aisle that has anything to do with his war program and his foreign policy on war. >> last question. to continue his success, if you will, keeping a pretty strong front in iraq as the retreat, do you think he may want a strong secretary of defense to replace gates when he leagues? de you think hillary clinton is in the cards for secretary of defense? >> is a possibility. gates is the republican or try to cut the nonwar pentagon spending. obama will need somebody to make the case. iraq was easier militarily then afghanistan is more necessarily in terms of geopolitics. i am not cynical enough to believe that he thinks
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afghanistan isn't comportment. >> thank you both. coming up, glenn back's big rally feature of texas televangelists, john haiti, who is a notorious anti-catholic. what was he doing standing up in the limelight? is this supposed to be a witness to unity and love or to division? we will get to that. you are watching hardball only -- good morning, dan. hello. do you recall tweeting, using a wheat thin to pick my air guitar? yes. this is a limited edition air guitar. whoa! [ brian ] it's a mehlenbacher hollow neck. a mehlenbacher. [ laughs ] so... oh thank you. yeah. can i get a box of picks? have at it man, let's just do it. ♪ [ brian ] can i get a windmill? ♪ [ brian ] come on boys, who's next?
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a man who achieved notoriety for his tax on the roman catholic church. describing the roman catholic church, home to seventy million americans. >> this is the greatest horror of regulations. this is the anti-crime system. this is the apostate turn each. in this cup, if you will read it in the book of revelation, is the blood of the saints. this system was born in the genesis ten in progress through israel and became juan sharp, god said the day will come when i will cause this beast to devour this apostate system.
12:19 am
you can see very clearly that while the church is in heaven, this false religious system will be totally devoured by the anti-christ. >> matt is john. he had to express express any comments the classics have found -- is catholics who have a problem with what he is saying. there was haiti up their enjoying the day with glenn back as he was standing there with john mccain. john walsh is editor joan, i cannot believe what i read this that he was back up there with glenn back for being a great american. this is this guy's track record. >> it is pretty unbelievable. to my knowledge, while they may
12:20 am
have been there, to pick john is either ignorance were more likely he doesn't care. beck was raised catholic himself and converted to mormon is some. he said something the was very hurtful to a lot of people on his radio show. he urged religious people to preach social justice and to leave their churches. people took this as another slap at catholicism. >> let me ask you, bobbie, this whole question. i thought it was unacceptable. this guy, by the way, you know don't apologize for saying, this is the anti-christ and the blood of the saints. i misspoke. >> right. that used to be a role.
12:21 am
he is writing the bandwagon of bigotry and he has made anti-muslim and marks and has made remarks about the president that are certainly tends to with racial overtones. why would he not associate bat? >> all lot of this stuff is going on has its roots. you know that back in the old roots everything, there is a smell to this, which is anybody that has their religions from rome, but somehow it is bad, on american, the old cry. we thought this was dying off somewhere during world war 2. we thought this was over. apparently it is still going on with hagee and his new buddy, glenn beck. >> well, you know, i -- i've seen this in the mosque debate
12:22 am
as well. we know that, you know, our -- our ancestors and not very far partition pate in public life was questioned because we were supposedly, you know, the subjects of a foreign power, the pope, and so, you know, there's been a lot of this in right wing politics for a long time. there have been a lot of battles and many catholics have felt franklin unwelcome in the christian right. the other thing though that beck is trying to do here is to unite the tea party with the christian right which has felt a little excluded by the tea party. if you look at polls, tea partiers are less into the christian right than they are in to say big business, and there's been a little bit of waning of their power so that's the other thing that went on on saturday. >> this guy had some other thoughts. by the way, this is glenn beck's saddle buddy here. here he is not just going after catholics but here he is blaming hurricane katrina on gay people. he's quite specific here. this is john hagee, the man up there at the lincoln steps the other day. here he is on gay people. >> all hurricanes are acts of
12:23 am
god because god controls the heavens. i believe that new orleans a level of sin that was offensive to god, and they were recipients of the judgment of god for that. >> so there's a gay pride parade down in new orleans which apparently launched this hurricane. this guy believes god was wreaking havoc on all people because he was mad at some gay people, just to get the particular here. >> this is a cruel vengeful ungodly god apparently who because he's mad at a certain group of people has to go out and drown or kill a whole lot of other people. >> a city. >> an entire city. look, this happens -- also, you're very right about the history of this. this happens in times of real economic stress. in the 1930s you had father coughlin, the radio priest who was anti-semitic who was out there defending basically the germans, and you're seeing the same thing again, and i think the other thing that's adding to
12:24 am
it is a real sense of crisis, psychic crisis, among a lot of americans who see a society changing, demographically changing, majority, minority, all of that is happening and they are rebelling against it. >> a real contradiction, not to get too specific about glenn beck's theology, such as it is, but did you notice that he preached that he's against collective salvation, collective damnation and here he is espousing friendship with this guy who believes that the entire city of new orleans was drowned because of the way of a few people he didn't like, it's the craziness of what beck has been preaching? >> the craziness goes in circles. you don't really know where the crazy starts or ends, chris. one thing i wanted to point out to you because you've done so much work on this. he also talked about the formation of this black-robed regiment. >> yeah. >> this comes straight from the revolutionary war where a lot of protestant, again, protestant ministers, were active in
12:25 am
rebelling against the british. they were on our side, but what's weird about this is, again, we have this language of revolution as though the man who is in the white house is somehow not there correctly. >> you got it. >> yeah. >> the don't tread on me flag that was used from south carolina, used to fight the british. they are using that flag to fight their own elected government, like somehow barack obama wasn't elected by the majority of the american people. did they miss that step? bush wasn't elect that had way. >> but they can't deal with it. >> first time. >> they can't deal with the fact that they got elected, that he's african-american, that the country is changing not only demographically but in all sorts of other ways. same-sex marriage, which is going to happen in this country is traumatic to a lot of these people. >> i have to ask you. joan, you and i talk about this, about being an american and the wonderful thing about this country is you can grow up to be basically, you know, a great gatsby country, create your own identity and become a person.
12:26 am
this guy, barack obama, not to get too basic about it, did everything right. he studied hard in school. >> yes. >> he obeyed the law. he raised a family. he took care of his family. he was an excellent student, on the harvard law review. he went through the democratic process. he didn't go out and make a lot of money in wall street. he gave himself to the community. this guy is almost perfect and they don't like him. >> he is the american dream. he lived it. he embodies it, and somehow he did something wrong. i don't know what it is, but i think it has a little bit to do with the color -- >> didn't show up at glenn beck's love of house. >> might have made him sit in the back row. >> i don't know. >> we're going to learn more about it. i'm going to make more of an effort to study who hangs out with glenn beck because he's got an interesting group up there. i didn't know about this person john hagee, i couldn't believe it when i read this morning. >> couldn't. >> this guy hagee is up there getting all the josannas. thanks. coming up, president obama's
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back to "hardball." now to the sideshow. for two years now we've heard top staffers in the mccain campaign give their not so kind assessments of sarah palin. this morning we heard from the closest source to senator mccain, his daughter meghan. sheer she on "good morning america" promoting her new book. >> you say there are a lot of things you like about sarah palin, but you also point out that she snubbed your mom's efforts to reach out to the palins, that she wasn't much of a team player. you believe -- you talk about
12:31 am
doubts you had at the end where you thought she actually hurt the campaign. >> yes, but i do clearly state at the end that we did not lose because of her, and i'm speaking out now because i do have conflicting feelings about her. i mean, she brought so much momentum and enthusiasm to the campaign. you saw the crowds double, and you saw a lot more women coming to the rallies. >> but you also write that she brought, quote, drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty. >> that's true. a lot of things happened. >> well said, george. one person whose real candid opinion we're still waiting for is john mccain himself. penny for your thoughts, senator, on sarah palin now that you got your election. now tonight's big number. heard a lot of numbers on the crowd size at glenn beck's saturday rally. cbs news came out with a number of 87,000 using aerial photos and sarah palin said the crowd was over 100,000 and glenn beck cited an estimate of up to 500,000 during the event. well, guess what, they have all been outdone by michele bachmann. the u.s. congresswoman from minnesota said there were at
12:32 am
least a million yesterday on the radio. she upped it in a new way. balkman spoke to a member of the park police, here's the new number, 1.6 million, over three times what glenn beck says as a high end of his estimate. balkman's imagined 1.6 million person march. as i said last night, it used tonight democrats who had a problem with inflation. that's tonight's big number. up next, a different kind of big number and one that doesn't body well for democratic hopes to hang on to congress. the new gallup congressional poll. believe it or not, has republicans up right now to take the house by ten points. that's the biggest spread for the republicans in recorded history. what it means and what democrats can do about it between now and november coming up next. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc.
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here's what's happening. president obama said it is time to turn the page on the war in iraq. lisson rakowski has -- miller is an attorney but was backed by sirupy england. a hurricane watch a hurricane watch has been has been issued issued for the entire north carolina coast. overseas, responsibility for an attack on an israeli settlement. u.s. officials are warning against jumping to any
12:37 am
conclusions about two men detained. the fbi says it is unlikely they were terrorists. now back to her ball. welcome back to "hardball." gallup poll has a shocking new number for the mid-term. republicans lead by ten points, 51 to 41 on the again ballot. that's the largest lead the republicans had in the polls since 1942. even before the numbers hit, here's what "time" magazine mark halperin told politico. quote, based on the current national environment the enthusiasm gap, the state of the economy, the failure to material oiz on a lot of what the democrats were counting on like health care and getting more popular and the recovery summer taking hold and polling individual races, on the current trajectory with no expected intervening events republicans
12:38 am
are poised to pick up as many as 60 seats. mark halperin joins us, msnbc political analyst and co-author of "game change" with john heilemann, his grand co-author. mark, seems to me that 60 seats is a pretty comfortable margin to take control of the house, grab subpoena power and run the u.s. government from the house. the house of representatives originates all tax legislation, all entitlement reform or anything that goes on in entitlements. the republicans would be in charge of everything regarding social security, medicare, taxation and a lot of regulation. >> well, the president would still have his veto pen, and we'd have two years of confrontation and nothing happening or there would have to be an absolute sea change and the president would have to figure out a way to govern with a big republican majority in congress. it's not a foregone conclusion, but the democrats are running out of time and options to keep what is a tidal wave right now from washing over them. >> here's a big number from
12:39 am
gallup. it shows that twice as many republicans as democrats say they are very enthusiastic about the mid-term. 50 to 25. john heilemann, i used to not know about this number but it tells you a lot. i've seen people vote when they walk into the voting booth some days. carter was in trouble. people went in there to flush him out in 1980. if that's the mood of the republicans have you to bet on them. >> years ago, stretch your memory back very far, to remember what it's like to see an energize the electorate. in 2008 it was a mirror image. democrats were frothing out the mouth to get into the polls and republicans were totally dispirited, didn't love john mccain, even civic their guy george bush, and when you get that kind of enthusiasm behind the party, especially in the mid-term election with low turnout it can really be the pivotal decisive factor >> you know that guy in lawrence of arabia, gets lost in the desert and falls off the camel and keeps struggling and taking off clothes. finally takes off his money belt, anything so he can survive in the desert. watch what they are doing to nancy pelosi.
12:40 am
they are dropping her off their belt. look at this, speaker pelosi, alabama democratic congressman bobby bright was asked if he would support pelosi for speaker again. here's his answer. never cross a bridge until you come to it. she may get beat. she may step away. she may get sick and die. and here's north carolina democratic congressman heath shore, used to quarterback the redskins. here he is. let's listen. >> do you support nancy pelosi as speaker of the house? >> great question. you know, here's what i've been talking about. who have i been talking about running the country, the middle so i haven't ruled it out. so i may have a feeling. we'll wait and see. we'll see who's actually up for it and who decides to put their hat in the ring, but you never know. maybe a blue dog will run. >> there you are, the guys in the desert dropping off their
12:41 am
money belt. they are all saying i'm not sure i'm with her. these are southern guys but apparently this is going on in border states. people are not exactly backing the speaker who they have to vote for to be a democrat basically. mark? >> there are still some things democrats have going for them. they have got money. they have got the labor unions and they have got the understanding with nancy pelosi and barack obama. they are not going to be any hard feelings. they want to win as many seats as they can. you will see this all over the country. not just in the south. not just in the border states. they are not popular with a lot of voters who are planning to vote in this election. >> i know. >> the 60 competitive house elections, i will bet you will not see barack obama campaigning in any of the congressional districts. >> it's not just pelosi. it's the president. >> mark is right. the democrats do have one advantage. they have a financial advantage. chris van holland, the head of
12:42 am
the democratic committee, will cut people on to move the resources to hold on to enough seats to maintain the majority. that's the one thing they have. >> "newsweek" with a poll that some people say president obama sympathizes with those who want islamic law around the world. from what you know about obama, what is your opinion? 14% of republicans say it's not true. 38% say probably true. 33% said probably not true. only 7% of republicans, john, are willing to say they don't think he's with the enemy. >> yeah. in fact, 14% doubled the number who say it's definitely not true. double the number say it's definitely true that he's with the enemy. >> this is trash talk that's been going on for two years now. the republicans big lie, that he's bad guy seems to be working with the polls, and it probably will work in the electorate. >> there is no republican leader
12:43 am
who is willing or interested in speaking out against that, at least not before november, because energy matters in this mid-term election. the enthusiasm gap is not just driven by that kind of horrible thing, but it's driven by anger about taxes and spending and deficits, but there's a spice in the stew from that kind of thing that republican leaders are just not speaking out against because they know that it's energizing, and the president can't speak out against it much either because the white house knows if he does it draws attention to it. it doesn't really help their cause. they cannot convince those people and they are not going to try. >> the horrible thing there are people who think he's a kenyan born muslim lied about his religion who is rooting for the terrorists. hard to believe that anyone actually believes it but i think it's trash talk. i think they are telling pollsters this crap because they have heard it and it's fun to say it. i would like to put them under a lie detector test, put them under sodium pentathol, do you really believe this crap that you're selling and telling pollsters? i don't think they do. thank you. coming up, president obama
12:44 am
beaten up by the left who think he's not tough enough on wall street, but wall street doesn't like the guy. a lot are turning against him. a lot who gave him money are giving their money to the republicans now. is he falling between the cracks? we'll talk about the big changes behind the change of heart up on wall street. they don't like him because he's taking away their money. this is "hardball" only on msnbc. when my doctor told me that my chronic bronchitis was copd... i started managing it every day. i like to volunteer... hit the courts... and explore new places. i'm breathing better with spiriva. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day... it keeps my airways open to help me breathe better all day long. spiriva does not replace fast acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor right away if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, have vision changes or eye pain... or have problems passing urine. tell your doctor if you have glaucoma,
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they are unanimous in their hate for me, and i welcome their hatred. >> wow, the old populous days, pure and civile. welcome back to "hardball." that, of course, was fdr embracing the disdain and hatred of wall street and big business in that re-election campaign of '36. today's "new york times" business section has a headline along those lines, quote, "why is wall street deserting observe ma?" and my question is should obama adopt fdr's attitude, eugene robinson, pulitzer prize winning columnist for the "washington post" and chrystia freeland for reuters. you're sitting here, chrystia. you get first dibs. this is so ironic. has he fallen between the cracks
12:49 am
in the populous, including the people of this network are very tough on this guy. i'm tough on him sometimes but now the rich guys don't like him for the opposite reason. they think he's too tough on him. who is right? >> you're absolutely right, chris and obama is really getting it at both ends so his traditional base, progress i was, think that he is in the pay of wall street, but you talk to the wall street guys, including now the people who were the funders of his campaign, the people who were the biggest obama boosters, and they have all turned on him, and it is -- you summed it up at the beginning. you said it's about money. they are worried he'll make them pay more taxes, and they don't like regulation. >> gene, andrew sorkin made the point tied in "the times" they liked him because they had fancy degrees like they have from ivy league schools like columbia and identified with him as a fellow elitist, if you will, and then they realized my god, he's a democrat. >> it just dawned on them that he is a democrat and chrystia is absolutely right. they don't want to pay more
12:50 am
taxes. they don't want to be regulated. they want to be able to go back to running the casino the way they always ran it, and -- and so they have turned against him en masse, yet, as you pointed out, he gets criticized from the left for not being populous enough for his administration being essentially -- >> should he calibrate his rhetoric or synchronize his rhetoric with reality? if they are not going to like them, why not bash them? >> exactly. why not go one way or the other. if they turned against you, not going to give you money, going to bash you all the time then, you know, prove them right, and at least excite your base and get the populists happy. >> go ahead, chrystia. >> the one thing that he's done wrong that he should change is he has to change the whole discussion around taxes.
12:51 am
saying, paying taxes is not punishment for a crime. paying taxes is contribution to society. and right now we're living in an economy where the top 1% has gained since -- between 1979 and 2006, the income of the top 1% increased by 256%. >> wow. these guys, that would be their cover charge. >> but obama needs to say, i'm not attacking you guys, not anti-you guys, but the way the economy is shaped right now, you have to pay for social security and infrastructure. >> we have a system that is kind of a casino. we're talking politics as well as business. most of the money that pays for campaigns comes from trial lawyers, big business, or wall street. and it comes from the big cities of new york, san francisco, l.a., and whatever vacation spot those people happen to be at at the time. >> or a holiday home.
12:52 am
or martha's vineyard. or fisher's island. the money, as willie sutton said, go where the money is. how do the democrats run a campaign against the money pot? >> well, you know, they did really well the last election. we'll see the extent to which this turns, but they've been doing extremely well in the money category. and in fact, going into the midterms, they've also been doing well with money. the big question for president obama, and i'm sure there are people in the white house and in his political team thinking about this, is, you know, come 2012, where's the big money going to come from for the presidential race. but the money is -- the money has been there for the congressional races. >> here's the problem for the democrats. republicans don't like government, democrats generally don't like big business and wall street. those are the antagonisms that are real and have never changed in 100 years. if you want democratic voters to get enthusiastic, your bad guy's got to be wall street. just like the republican's bad guys has got to be always
12:53 am
washington, right? so if you don't have a bad guy to go out and vote against, why should somebody vote? cheerleading? >> i don't think that's quite right. because obama wasn't elected on bad-guy politics. obama was elected as a uniter and he is now emerging hated by both the groups that supported him. >> wait a minute. you think the antipathy toward george w. bush didn't have a lot to do with this guy's election? >> true enough, but one of the secret sauces -- >> had a lot too with my enthusiasm. >> but one of the secrets of obama was he was able to make a poor hispanic kid and a guy on wall street think he represented them. >> can he stay above the crowd? sooner or later, this guy has got to take sides. >> well, i do think he's got to take sides. look what's happening, not just wall street, but look at big business, which is sitting on this huge pot of $1 trillion or $2 trillion that they have invested, and they're complaining that his rhetoric is too anti-business, well, they're not investing in spending that money and hiring people because
12:54 am
there's no demand. >> i'm with you. we'll look at that big pile of money they've got as we leave tonight. when we return, i'll have some thoughts about the end of combat operations in iraq and how the bush administration misled the country to get us into that war and why i was against it from the beginning and still don't like it. [ female announcer ] think it takes hours to get rich, glossy haircolor like this? think again. you can get it in 10. with perfect 10. from nice 'n easy. brunettes, as rich as italian coffee. sparkling, effervescent blondes. luxurious reds, alive with light. get this stunning color with flawless gray coverage, and get it in 10, with perfect 10. the high speed, high gloss color that changes everything. from clairol. someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones. he will be surprised. tim parker, do you remember when you tweeted: does anyone else have to turn up the volume when they eat wheat thins. someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones.
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lets me finish tonight with where that american war with iraq started.
12:58 am
the people had their hearts set on the war didn't really care what arguments would get us into it. they just wanted us in. they tried connecting it to 9/11. again and again they tried that, failing each time. they tried connecting it to the anthrax that was mailed to tom they tried connecting to the franklin country of nigh ja, where they said saddam hussein had tried to buy uranium. the president told us during the state of the union. final the ideologues pushing the war told us iraq had a nuclear weapon they could fire at us here in america, what they had started to call our homeland. we were now launched in a war aimed at regime change, another strange new phrase, to battle an enemy newly sized up as the axis of evil. all this propaganda tying iraq to 9/11 began working with half the people. people were beginning to believe
12:59 am
those were iraqis that hijacked our planes. for half the country, the sales job were complete. we're getting even. iraq was payback, somehow. remember how you felt? here's what i wrote on december 2nd, 2001, as george w. bush began his push for war in iraq. "like victors before him, president bush is being tempted with greater fwloirs in the days ahead. he's considering following his triumph in afghanistan a more mint destruction of saddam hussein. it's a bad idea. if it was in my power to stop him, i would. i have given up trying to understand the thinking of those who agitate for such a wrong and tragic course." well, is there anyone who honestly believes the way to win the hearts and minds of the islamic world, to end this rift towards islamic terrorism is to the attack us.

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